Thursday, May 2, 2013

Xi'an, China - Early Morning Street Scenes

Our group is up early and touring.  Here is what we see on our way to the first tour stop. People on a regular bus are on the way to work, or shopping, or school.  Someone asked me if I saw a lot of people riding bicycles in Beijing.  No, not really.  Transportation modes have changed over the last decade or two.

 I am still mesmerized by these brooms.  Long and whispy, and very efficient.

 A place to stop if you are walking.
 This plaza looked pretty nice and I did see a motorcycle.

 Another snack stop.
 I am still trying to figure out what this is.  Is that a gate pulled across an entranceway?

 And, our globally present Starbucks Coffee shop.
We are in the parking lot of our next tour, so time to get off of the bus and follow the group.


Ginan said...

Re the broom - did you notice if it just gathers up the big stuff, or can it get the little stuff too?

I guess if you're cleaning city sidewalks, only the big stuff matters...

Ladee said...

It seemed efficient and the sidewalks were clean when the job was done. Might not work as well as a tighter broom on an inside floor, but for leaves and such this seemed like a great tool.