Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dalian, China - Neighborhood Scenes

This is a connection point in the city transportation.  The subway exist is here, and the train also stops.

A large park.  Looks like people are taking advantage of the weekend and enjoying it.
 Parking?  Stop and back in...and drive on to the sidewalk, keep the bicycle route clear.  I guess that the pedestrians can just walk in the grass.
 This looked interesting.
 Wow, the stripes really make this building stand out. Hard to miss.

Small neighborhood shops.

 Homes are beginning to look a bit rustic.
 As always, I can't resist taking a photograph of the laundry on the line.

 Working bike.  This person used a brick to park it.
 An alleyway.  I made it sepia tone for effect.
 The sidewalk vendors create a local marketplace.
 Someone's lunch was tied out of the way of the dog scavengers.
Our group is turning to the left to enter this building. We are on our way to visit a local.  People are able to open their homes and discuss life in China.  The tour guide was our translator.

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