Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dalian, China - Return Drive to the Ship

The bus returned to the ship, giving me one last look at Dalian.  I sat back in my coach window seat and captured my last look.

 I think that this is the Mercedes Dealership.
 This is pretty funny.  The sign says "No Trucks".  What do you see boldly driving down the middle of the street?
 The work in progress.  This city is preparing for a lot of people.

 Colorful advertisements decorate the walls hiding the construction (destruction?) sights.

 The silver buildings are familiar and I recognize them from when we pulled in to the docks this morning.  It seemed like so long ago.  Our day in Dalian was packed with a variety of experiences and I have truly enjoyed the stop.
Now, it is time to board the ship and see the city as we depart. It is interesting to note that some of the buildings look familiar although I don't have a "map perspective" of where I have actually been over these last few hours.

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