Monday, May 6, 2013

Gyeongju, South Korea - Tumuli Park Exit

We finally all gathered to wait outside the park gate for the bus.

It was a nice day to take the bike to the park.
A closeup look at the band on the bike shelter.
I didn't mind waiting as there were many interesting items to photograph.
Some refurbishing happening across the street.
A local grate, photo for Nick.
The area across the street had the Happy Birthday Buddha lanterns.
Phone booth, cute.
And the official sign marking Tumuli Park as a UNESCO spot.

There is another, maybe it is just a pile of dirt.  How do you know?
I am very surprised that these exist undisturbed.
Identifying this rider is going to take some research.  Wikipedia.  Oh, nice, found a list of "Equestrian Statues". Scroll down and click on Korea - South. No luck.  Add yet another item to my "to research" list.

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