Monday, December 22, 2014

Scottsdale, Arizona - Chris Birkitt's Winter Wonderland

I wanted to get out to photograph some Phoenix area lights and a group was meeting at Chris Birkitt's so I decided to join them.  I wanted to get there before the crowds as these things are often too crowded for me to comfortably stand with a tripod.

It was about sunset, so this mild mannered neighborhood home looked festive with the lights starting to turn on.

But as the sun dropped, the real glow began.  This is a closer view of the front of the house, with detailed pictures.

 This is hard to see.  It is Rudolph in blue with his red nose.

I walked over to the entrance to go to the back yard.
 Cozy fire pit.

 I took one last photo as I left and the colors were so, well, Christmasy.

He does not charge for admission, but does as for a donation there or on his website.

He does a really nice job.  Here is his website:

This house was next door.  I agree, if you can't beat them, join them!

More lights...I think that there is a website on "the best in Phoenix".  

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gold Canyon, Arizona - Sunset on Peralta Trail

The Peralta Trail is located on the southwest edge of the Superstition Wilderness in Gold Canyon east of the Phoenix metropolitan area.  The colors were better than expected.

A fellow photographer is shown in the bottom right corner working on lighting the cactus for his photo.
I had the camera packed up and put away.  I turned around to look back up the trail and the view was so beautiful.  You can see the starburst light on other photographers returning to the meet up area.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Tempe, Arizona - Tempe Town Lake and Bridges

These are taken from the north shore of Tempe Town Lake at the marina.  Several bridges cross the lake at this point as well as the light rail crossing.  The first one is my favorite.  The light rail bridge changes colors.  The red, orange and white streaks are from the train zipping across.

This is the original Mill Avenue bridge just after the sun set leaving a pretty blue sky.  This bridge carries people and vehicles from Phoenix in to downtown Tempe.

This is the same bridge when the sky became black.  It is a moonless night.

This is a newer Mill Avenue bridge on the left.  Traffic is leaving Tempe on this one.  The older bridge is on the right.
The light rail bridge dressed in different colors.