Sunday, December 18, 2016

London, England - Ebury Restaurant and Wine Bar

A very special place next to the Lime Tree in Belgravia. It is beautiful with Christmas decorations. The food is always wonderful and I couldn't pass up the Lobster Bisque and the full Turkey dinner with all of the fixings. Creme Brûlée with a fig and plum compote topped of the meal. 

Actually, seeing the staff again five and a half years after the last visit was delightful. The middle two were working tonight. What fun and giggles looking at this photo again. 

Look back at 2011. There are three posts from the restaurant:

I love this place!!

Prices given are in pounds.  At this time the exchange rate is 10 pounds = $12.35 US Dollar.
Lobster Bisque was 9.00 pounds
Roast Turkey Dinner was 17.50 pounds
Red wine Cotes du Rhone was 7.50 pounds.
Sparkling water (bottle) was 4.70 pounds.
The optional service charge is listed as 12.5% but you are free to tip more for the awesome service.

From 2011:

"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign." Robert Louis Stevenson

Friday, December 16, 2016

Cologne, Germany - Christmas Markets

The original French Fry was made in Belgium.  This is the official fry guy.  Where did we last see him?  In Miami, Arizona.  Look at the last photo on this blog post.

 Newstand, always need to check out how these are handled.
 Building, bikes.
 This woman stayed at our house when she was in high school and visiting the United States to play music for Octoberfest.  She now is a musician in Cologne and has two sons.  I was delighted to be able to spend time with her and meet the boys.
 The skiers are still at it.
 The boys were fascinated by the organ player.
 We walked along the Rhein River to the Chocolate Museum.
 The Altmarket Christmas Market.

 One of the many end-of-the-year weddings held at the town hall.
 Fun and excitement at the market.
 The town has narrow streets in this neighborhood.

Cologne, Germany - Heumarkt Christmas Market Activities

An organ player greeted people at the entrance to the market.

 Belgium waffles.  I've heard a lot of good things about these tasty treats and had to have one.

 My chocolate waffle is ready!

 Other food stands.
 A nice ice rink for skating.

 The elves on the roof having fun at a ski resort.
 Wood carvings.
 You had to rent the lanes to play this game.  Rentals were filled last summer. This is quite popular.

Cologne, Germany - Market Food

Wandering through the markets and I found Belgian waffles and gluhwein! Must taste all of the different goodies!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Amadeus Silver - Captain's Dinner

Many courses tonight with Surf and Turf and grand finale Baked Alaska.

Cologne, Germany - City Tour and Heinzelmännchen

The tour group hopped on a bus and drove to the center part of Cologne.  Our walking tour begins at the magnificent Dom Cathedral.

The Dom is so tall that I really can't get a panoramic that looks good.

 This is the front door and will give you an idea of the size. Our interior tour is booked for later, so we will return.

 4711 - this is a traditional German Eau de Cologne, produced in Cologne since around 1799.  Because of its location (Cologne in Cologne, get it), it is allowed to brand as Original Eau de Cologne.
A local bakery.
The local Starbucks.
Christmas tree in the area of the Dom Cathedral.
This statue tell the story of the Heinzelmännchen. 
The little house elves did all of the work during the night and the people of Cologne could be very lazy.  The rule was that you couldn't look at them. One night the tailor's wife was curious to see them so she scattered peas on the workshop floor so that they would slip and fall.  The elves were furious and left and never returned. The people had to do all of the work.ännchen
An old Roman waterway.
Public art.
Fancy carvings at the Town Hall.