Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Speyer, Germany - Foggy River Bank

Speyer was founded by the Romans and is one of Germany's oldest cities.  When we docked, it was cold and foggy.  The city tour was a walking tour with about a mile to get from the dock to the town.  Given the damp cold, I opted to photograph shore life and chat with fellow boat mates in the lounge.  It turned out to be a wonderful morning.

Looking south, you can see that there is a paved path.  This heads towards a riverside beach.  The grassy area and hard to see building is the Bademaxx, a club with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water slides, a diving tower plus a sauna and wellness zone.  A sauna sounded like a very good idea right about now.

 Route 39 crosses the river and was a heavily used bridge.  A cargo boat passes underneath the bridge.

 Here is a little view of the lounge where I was warm and cozy, chatting between taking interesting photographs.
 A little walk underneath the bridge and alongside the river would get you to the restaurant "Alter Hammer".   It is the oldest beer garden in Speyer and has a wide open patio on the other side of the building.  Nice in the summer.
 A man was riding his bike along the path. He should put a hat on.
 The staff going in to town for supplies.
 And returning with a lot of stuff for us!

 Soon the frozen tour group returned and we were ready to move to lunch and then our next tour stop.  We couldn't turn in the river, so we had to go to a little turning spot.  We headed south on the river, went into the turn around in the lower right on the map, and then headed north to continue our journey.

It was very pretty with the fog and the outline of the leafless trees.

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