Monday, December 12, 2016

Kehl, Germany - From Boat to Strasbourg

[From the bus window] I will share the views of what I saw from the bus window.  The posts will be marked.  I don't take the time to remove reflections or other things that may be in the photo from the bus.

The boat docked in Kehl, Germany, across the river from Strasbourg.  My tour was a walking tour of the old town, so the bus drove from the dock to the old town and we were able to see other views of both Kehl and Strasbourg.

I thought that it was very interesting (when I looked at the map) that there were a number of canals built around the main Rhein River.  On the right is the main Rhein River with a dark line down the center.  France is on the left and Germany is on the right.

 A McDonald's.
 The big construction project in the area is a tram between Germany and France.  It is expected to be fully operational in 2017.
 The Rhein River.

 One of the many canals in the area.

 A local park.

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