Saturday, December 10, 2016

Basel, Switzerland - Basel Minster (Cathedral)

This walkthrough started with a little side door.  The Cathedral was originally Catholic, but is now Reformed Protestant.

 This area is the small and large cloister.  The bishops used this area.  It is done in a late-Gothic style.

 The windows are large Gothic tracery style.
 Several famous people are buried here such as Jakob Bernoulli (1655-1705).  The tombstones are on the far wall (tiny in this photo).
 The black decorations at the bottom of the photo are metal vegetables.
 In the back of the Cathedral is a large observation deck.  This is the view from the deck to the smaller Basel section, across the Rhein River. You can see the ferry.
 This area is shady and cooler in the summer but today it was shaded from the sun and cool...cold.

 The Gallupsforte is the most important Romanesque sculpture work in Switzerland, and is considered the oldest Romanesque figure portal in Germany speaking countries.

 Rings around the heavy bronze door from 1892 representations of the four evangelists, foolish and wise virgins and Angels with fanfares, which rise from their graves and dead before the last judgement can be found. In the sheet box enthroned Christ Pantokrator mild, humane. The figures appear altogether very expressive in gesture and facial expression, which is rare for characters from the Romanesque.(Translated fromünster#Kreuzgang)

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