Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cologne, Germany - Dom Cathedral

City tour description from the tour brochure: During the city walk you can explore the surroundings of the famous cathedral and the old town.  Many attractions are concentrated here, in just one square kilometer around the cathedral, the town hall and the old town with its large Romanesque Church of St. martin. You can take a look at the Roman Dionysus mosaic.  In the narrow, cobble streets of the old town and in the squares, such as Roncalliplatz, the old market or the hay market, you will get a feeling for life in this city, both past and present.  Of course you can take a look at the inside of the Cologne Cathedral accompanied by your guide.  The Cologne Cathedral is the most frequently visited sight in Germany.
Duration approximately 2.5 hours. Walking grade: Moderate walking tour, you may need to climb some stairs.  Price 17 euros / $17.72

I took a lot of photos with my other camera and will post later. This is from my iPhone. One of just the bottom and then a vertical pano. The Dom is so tall that the photo is a little screwy!!

Also a little relaxation in the afternoon because the excursions to the National Park Seibengebirge and Drachenfels, and the city walk of Königswinter were cancelled. 65 euro / $67.70 refunded from the prepaid tour package.  Not enough people on the cruise ship signed up for this afternoon tour.

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