Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Heidelberg, Germany - Christmas Market and View of the Schloss

The bus dropped us off at a well organized staging area near the old section of town and we began our walk.
 The business signs are very interesting. I wish that I had started a photo collection earlier.

 Wrapped chocolate in one of the store windows.
 You can see the castle from this area.
 I broke with the group and decided to stay in this section.  I had a bratwurst.
 As it quickly got darker, I found a seat and table. I chatted with a grandmother and grandson in a comfortable "little German, little English" way.  And I started playing with my camera to take long exposures.
 I had clicked and then forgot so this artistic gem is the result of picking up the camera while it was still working.  Haha.  Entertaining myself!
 The lights on the castle soon came on and it was a beautiful scene above the town.
 I was ready to return to the bus area so I made my way back through town, took a few photos along the way, and waited for the bus.

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