Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cologne, Germany - City Tour and Heinzelmännchen

The tour group hopped on a bus and drove to the center part of Cologne.  Our walking tour begins at the magnificent Dom Cathedral.

The Dom is so tall that I really can't get a panoramic that looks good.

 This is the front door and will give you an idea of the size. Our interior tour is booked for later, so we will return.

 4711 - this is a traditional German Eau de Cologne, produced in Cologne since around 1799.  Because of its location (Cologne in Cologne, get it), it is allowed to brand as Original Eau de Cologne.
A local bakery.
The local Starbucks.
Christmas tree in the area of the Dom Cathedral.
This statue tell the story of the Heinzelmännchen. 
The little house elves did all of the work during the night and the people of Cologne could be very lazy.  The rule was that you couldn't look at them. One night the tailor's wife was curious to see them so she scattered peas on the workshop floor so that they would slip and fall.  The elves were furious and left and never returned. The people had to do all of the work.ännchen
An old Roman waterway.
Public art.
Fancy carvings at the Town Hall.

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