Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Heidelberg, Germany - Castle and Food at Christmas Market

From the tour brochure: On this excursion you will visit Heidelberg, the world famous university city on the Neckar River. The tour begins with a visit to the castle.  The formerly splendid residence made of red sandstone has been a ruin, maybe the most beautiful ruin in all of Germany, since it was destroyed by the French in the 17th century. The castle tour leads into the courtyard and into the castle garden. From the Grand Terrace you will have a wonderful view of the city and the Neckar River.
The tour continues with a stroll through the enchanting old town.
Duration approximated 4.5 hours. Walking grade: The excursion by bus is followed by a longer walk.  You may need to climb several stairs.  Price: 46 euros/ $48

Views from the castle.
Bratwurst from the grill and chocolate and cherry crepe.

Last photo is the view of the lit castle from the market.

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