Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sasabe, Arizona - The Cantina

The Cantina has been a cozy meeting place, especially since it started raining today.  Honor bar with a wide selection of options.

Arivaca, Arizona - Town Tour Part Three

Arivaca, Arizona - Arizona Town Tour Part Two

Arivaca, Arizona - Arivaca City Tour

Ok, this is more of a town tour than a city tour.  Enjoy the view!

Sasabe, Arizona - Scenic Views along Arivaca Sasabe Road

From the car window

Delightful windmills.

 Rolling hills.

 My last "yellow Cottonwood tree".

Sasabe, Arizona - Drive to Arivaca Lake

Scenes from the car window.  Discovered a few windmills and lingering yellow color in cottonwood trees.  We drove on 286 north from Sasabe and turned right on to Arivaca Sasabe Road.