Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Charleroi, PA - Drive through Town

I drove from a lunch in Speers and decided to take "the long way home" through a few towns on my way.  I drove north on route 88 on McKean Avenue. These photos are from Charleroi taken through the window at times.  I haven't been here in a very long time.  The Coyle Theater was my main point of interest.  Charleroi's name means "Charles the King" and it is the sister city of Charleroi, Belgium.

The town has been trying to revitalize itself.  I drove on this main street only and the center area of town had shade trees and the buildings were painted, the street was clean.  The sad part was that the old Coyle Theater was in disrepair.  Groups are trying to save it.  Today Charleroi is home to World Kitchen, which makes pyrex.  It is the only plant in the United States to make pyrex.  I didn't know this but this explains why there is SO much of the kitchenware in the area.

The drive is through the Charleroi Historic District.  Most of the buildings are wooden frame two story front gabled residences but there are also brick stores, churches, union halls and clubs.

The building with the tall columns is the Gospel Alliance Church.

That is all.  I am now coming to the Monessen sign and the turn to cross over the historic Charleroi-Monessen Bridge.

Note for later: The First National Bank of Charleroi and the US Post Office and the Charleroi Historic District are all listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

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