Sunday, July 27, 2014

Belle Vernon, PA - Sweeney Walk

I am visiting my home town for a week.  The greens are greener than you can imagine.  Jimmy stopped by after the Reunion to say hello to my mother and chat a little longer. It's been ten years since I last saw him but many more since I had a chance hold a long conversation.  I told him about my son-suggested goal to hike Machu Picchu in 2016 and he jumped on the training band wagon and invited me on a walk around the neighborhood.  I thought that he meant just down the street and up the little hill.  It became evident that the views would be much better if we walked higher on the hill, so climb we did.  Down the other side, around the bottom road, and back up the hill again to my mother's house.  An hour kick-off to my Machu Picchu training!  I passed "glowing" and "perspiring" mid way through the walk and ended with a good ol' lots of effort sweat. I am sure that it was an impressive sight.

This is a quick panoramic that I took from the upper part of the hill.  The tree stump with a carving on the left side may have been on its way to becoming an eagle.  We saw one on the other side of the yard.  I will return and take a photo.
 Saw a tool barn and an interesting stone buried.  Grinding wheel?

 I had never walked this way before.  There are now homes built in the "back part".  This fancy entranceway is to one of the new larger homes.
 Some thing old and ancient along side the road.  I have no idea what this is. 
 We didn't get a closer look at this so I don't know if it is something water related or not.  Well? Cistern?
 Queen Ann's Lace grows wild along side the roads.  I bought a bouquet of flowers in Phoenix one time and it was filled with there.  What?? These are weeds!!

Jimmy, it has occurred to me that no one has asked me to go on a walk.  This escorted walk is a first!!  Thank you for prompting DAY 1 and joining in on the effort, many hugs and I hope to see you again very soon.

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