Friday, July 4, 2014

Phoenix, Arizona - 4th of July Fireworks

I had originally planned to join the crowd on the north bank of Tempe Town Lake to view this year's fireplaces.  I went with Beth M. and family to scope out the location and I left with the feeling that it was going to take a lot of effort to haul my chair, tripod, camera, cooler and maybe an umbrella down a set of stair from the parking lot to the north bank  Add the threat of another dust storm and I decided to consider an alternate location.

I had breakfast this morning with Janet S. and she mentioned that she often watches the fireworks display at the Arizona Country Club from her driveway.  I decided to go to the parking lot of my dentist and stake out my territory.  I was the first to arrive at 7:30 PM but by 8:30 about six other cars had joined me.

I was not disappointed with my photos from tonight.  I first made sure that I had the typical fireworks.  It took me a few shots to adjust my zoom and settings. I stayed with ISO 100, f8 and varied the amount of time but normally stayed in the 2 second range for each shot.  I am happy with the wide variety.

After I took the standard shot, I started to play with a few of the settings.  Here are my favorites.

I also tried this technique with multiple bursts.

Fun night and fun crowd.  Mission accomplished and I learned a few new techniques.

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