Monday, July 28, 2014

Fayette City, PA - Col. Edward Cook House

The Col. Edward Cook House is a historic home in Washington Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  It was built between 1772 and 1776, and is a two story, four bay rectangular stone dwelling with a one story kitchen wing.  It has a medium pitched gable roof and plain cornice with return.  Also on the property are a smoke house and a wash house.  It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.  [Source: wikipedia]

Old photo is from the Library of Congress.  click here.  We had seen this photo.

My sister found this historic home on the National Register and I decided to find it out in the farm lands of Washington Township.  Beautiful country.  Rolling hills with farmland and barns.

Thanks to a helpful local who pointed us in the right direction,  I spotted it on the distant hill and we were on our way.
 Barns in the area are always irresistible.

 This is it!!!  Wow, nice job taking care of this historic property.  It is still in the family.
6th Generation Mr. Cook stepped down from the front porch to greet us and to give us a little tour.  The stone work with the step was used to help ladies get in to a side saddle.
 The spring house.
 The pitched gable roof.
 And the inviting front porch.  Family members were sitting and chatting and went inside to continue the conversation while I snapped some photos.

 Original windows glass.
 Inside, the fireplaces have been restored. They were covered with wall boards.  Here are several views from the interior.

 My favorite sign above the door: George Washington Slept Here. (I am going to get one for my home in Arizona.  PA friends will appreciate the humor.)

 It started to rain so we ran to the car to close the window that I had left open and continue our adventures.

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