Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Lawrenceville Neighborhood - Divertido

We walked for a block or so until we found the shop "Divertido".

 Divertido is located at 3609 Butler Street.
It has clever and interesting products.  I could not resist a nested set of measuring cups that look like the Russian dolls.

 Outside, clean streets, trees and plants, and fun garbage collection containers.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Lawrenceville Neighborhood Espresso a Mano

It was time for a coffee break!  We stopped in Espresso a Mano for a rest and a drink.
3623 Butler Street -

 It was a little warm, but in nice weather I bet that the large doors are opened.

 Original materials kept. I like when this is done.

 Coffee break is over and we move on to see what else we can see.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Lawrenceville Neighborhood Street Scenes (1)

We found a good parking spot and took off on foot to explore the main street area.  I am glad that we walked past one of the delivery entrances.  These steps go to the storage area underneath the building.

 We were in the "Lower Lawrenceville" area, ground zero for Lawrenceville's boutiquey-antiquey movement.  The Round Corner Hotel has been spiffed up and is now the Round Corner Cantina, now the place for hipsters, the tailored after-work crowd and occasional neighborhood old-timers. The atmosphere is described as "warm and dark" by a local paper review.  Looks like an interesting place. See more info here:

 O'Bannon Oriental Carpets.  See the world without leaving Pittsburgh. Visit their website to see their travels to buy rugs. I didn't stop in this store because I hadn't yet been to Istanbul (which would have peeked my interest).

 Antique shop and all of the findings.  I didn't do more than take photos from the street but I would like one of the buddhas.

 Nice cafes with outside seating along the street.

 The neighborhood is green!  Rainbarrels capture the runoff.
 Bike stand.
 I took a lot of photos of the very interesting doors and entranceways.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Allegheny Cemetery (Lawrenceville Neighborhood)

This is the start of exploration to some of the parts of Pittsburgh that we had not visited.  We drove along the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh heading east to our first stop, Lawrenceville.  We needed a place to turn around (to find a good parking spot) and stumbled upon this fascinating cemetery.  The Allegheny Cemetery was incorporated in 1844 and is one of the largest and oldest burial grounds in Pittsburgh. The list of the notable graves is listed on

 In 1973 the Butler Street Gatehouse was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and in 1980 the entire cemetery was listed.