Monday, December 12, 2016

Strasbourg, France - Cathédrale Notre Dame Christmas Market

The markets caught my eye and I decided that I would visit them first before photographing the Cathédrale.  I did see a stork nested (fake) on top of one of the booths.

Strasbourg is the home to the very first market in 1570, then called Christkindelmärek (market of the infant Jesus).  Since this time Strasbourg has continued the tradition of a traditional, authentic, warm and generous Alsatian market and these are all the reasons why "Strasbourg, the Capital of Christmas" continues to enjoy repeated success.  (Source: There are 300 stalls spread across the city center.  The markets are open from November 25 through Christmas Eve December 24 6:00 PM.  The markets stay open until 8:00 PM during the week and 9:00 PM on the weekends.  They open at 11:00 AM.

 Candle holders
 Nick nacks
 Cookies and bulbs
 Children's toys
 Children's toys
 More candle holders. These were grey.
 And there were some white ones.
 Class angels and bells.
 These yule logs with candles were colorful.
 Art work.

 Gingerbreads and other cookies.

This was a walkthrough of the market in front of the front door.  Spaces all around the Cathédrale were used for booths.

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