Saturday, December 10, 2016

Basel, Switzerland - Flohmarkt (Flea Market)

The plan for today started with a walk through the local Saturday Flea Market.

This is "La Belle Maison", the home for two nights.  The room is on the top floor (two flights up) and was very cozy.  Jean, the host, was a nice man who had been a professor in Strasbourg and then worked in Africa with the Red Cross.  He certainly had stories to tell.  He suggested that today's walk begin with a stroll through the Saturday Flea Market.

 The architecture in this section of Basel varied from old half timbered homes to modern buildings like this one.
 The morning was chilly but the sun was out so a walk on the sunny side of the street was nice.
 The market was held in Petersplatz.  Vendors had booths set up and had a wide variety of items for sale.  Yes, a good flea market!

I was most tempted by this game of Mill because my father had made one for the family a long time a go and I remembered playing it over and over.
 Christmas trees were waiting for their homes for the holiday
 The little church at the other end of the park was "Peterskirche" (Peters Church).  It is an Evangelical Reformed Church.  Johann Froben is buried here.  He made Basel the world's leading center of the book trade circa early 1500s.

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