Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Heidelberg, Germany - Castle Interior and "Tun"

We walked in to the inner courtyard.  Some of the buildings look like they are livable ...

 Some appear to be an outer shell.

 We continued down a walkway to the "Tun".  It is the extremely large wine vat in the cellars of the Castle.  At first we thought that this was the big one.  But NO! Keep on walking.
 The cellars are nice, have seating areas and a place to buy food and drink.
 This is the large "tun".  It holds 58,573.8125 US Gallons.  130 oak trees were used to build it.  It is seldom used as a wine barrel these days, is mostly a tourist attraction, and can also be a dance floor since one was built on top of it.

 We leave the building and look at a lookout.
 A view of the river and the dam.

 Time to return to the bus.
 The tree has lights and likely looks very pretty lit.
 Ahh, coblestones. Gotta love them.  At least they do not have puddles from the recent rain.
We leave the castle and go to the lower levels for the Markets.

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