Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Rüdesheim, Germany - River Walk

Time to begin the walk back to the boat.  The castle looking building in the distance is where the ATM is located.  The tower is Adlertum, Eagle's Tower and was once part of the town walls.

 Nice place to stop for coffee before the walk.
 This sign shows that the upper middle Rhein/Rhine River is a UNESCO World Heritage area.  The area is between Bingen, Rüdesheim (our location now) and Koblenz (our next stop).  It was and still remains an important transportation route and is lined with terraced vineyards and hill top castles (we will see those later).
 Trains pass through.  The train station is on the other side of the town.
 Ferry transportation is important in this area. This is a passenger ferry and there are also car ferries (that allow passengers).

 The river divides in here.  We are not looking at the other shore, but at Rüdesheimer Aue, an island in the middle of the river.  It used to be agricultural but has now been fully overgrown with trees.  It is now a reserve and is used as a resting place for birds.
 This is a wikipedia photo so that you can see how it all fits together in the river.

After several photo stops in between walking walking walking, I have come to slip #1 and my river home.
 I bid farewell to Rüdesheim and I walk on board.

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