Sunday, March 9, 2014

Miami, Arizona - Antique Stores on Main Street

I drove through Miami, Arizona this morning and decided to quickly jump off of Route 60 and see what Main Street looks like.  I first crossed a bridged wash that runs through the town.  I liked the bridges and the light poles with flowers on each of the bridges.  If you look at the wash without including the cut light pole, it looks just like an alley.  But including the light pole (and you can see this on every bridge that crosses the wash) makes it look a bit more charming.
The bridges along this wash are "Luten Arch", a patented concrete arch bridge designed by Daniel B Luten of Indianapolis.  Luton was awarded more than 30 patents for the improvements in the standard design.  The bridges were built in 1918.  See more details on Wikipedia
 This antique store  is on one of the streets leading to Main Street
 The building on the left is the YMCA.  The building on the right was unmarked.
 This is an antique store that is also off of Main Street.
 As I turned on to Main, I saw this and like the worn looking sign.
 Some buying is happening already, on a Sunday.  I was able to pull in to some empty parking spots and take these pictures.

 This deserved a closer look.  Yes, that is Elvis sitting in the doorway!
I need to drive through Miami when I have a little time to look around.  You don't see these types of stores if you just stay on Route 60, so look for the "Main Street Miami" sign.

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