Saturday, March 15, 2014

Phoenix, Arizona - Phoenix Zoo

I went to the Phoenix Zoo today and was able to start taking photos at 8AM.  It was nice and cool and many of the animals were out.  Here are a few that I liked.  Of the animals, my favorites are the ones that are captured when they look right at the camera.

 This bird has the word "Egyptian" in his name.  Is he "walking like an Eqyptian"?

 This one looks like he has a fancy vest on, and a tie!

 I was very excited to see the bees buzzing around a flower bed.  I adjusted my camera to try to catch them in flight and lucked out with this one.

 This bird was very cooperative to stand all in the sun and take a drink.  I like the reflection.
A zoo keeper stopped by to feed the water and told the story of this guy.   This tortoise is 21 years old and was born at the Zoo.  (Note to the family to remember the time, perhaps 22 years ago, when we went to the Zoo.  Son stared at the crocodile and GrandPap stared at the tortoises' amour moment.)  I chuckled to myself when she told the story.
I was so excited to have a chance to photograph a hummingbird. I made some quick adjustment (guesses) to the camera and out of about 15 photos that I was able to take before the bird dashed off, I found one that made me very happy.

Fun day at the Zoo. 

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