Saturday, March 8, 2014

Globe, Arizona - Morning as a Modern Cowgirl

*Barn photos added to the bottom:

This morning we set out across the ranch to feed the cows who roamed.  We took "The Ranger" and with the back loaded with hay, set off to find the cows as they meandered around the range.  Many thanks to L&E for including me (and my camera) in this adventure.
The call that received all of the responses, moo-ing from the bush, was "Hey Babe".  The cows knew what that meant and came running.
 This is one of several corrals.
 "Hey Babe"... and here comes another one.
 This little calf posed for me while I took a glamor shot.
 They also showed me an old homestead and a well.
 The original road from long ago.
 This is a full height sign, buried with the dirt that flows with the rain.
 Cows coming down the middle of the road!  We had to stop!
 Another pose for the camera.
 Here is a view of the stream area.  Those trees will all be green soon.
 Decay makes the fertile ground.
 This huge boulder sits along side. We pulled over so that I could see...
 The grinding holes in the top. Very COOL!
 And old wind mill.  I said "Hey, you are supposed to be spinning!" and it let out a tiny spin and a grown..."Hey, I'm old!"
This was a fun morning. We headed back to the main barn area...TO FEED CHICKENS!!

I got to see inside the barn.  To get the perspective, here is the barn from the outside.  We had to go through a little door to get inside.

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