Saturday, March 8, 2014

Globe, Arizona - Two Room Schoolhouse

A local two room school house was moved a long time ago to the Ranch.  This was amazing and looked frozen in time.  There were a lot of treasures in this building.

 An old stove sat on the front porch.
 Inside there were shelves and a lot of tools.  This has been used as storage for a long time.  This was the main classroom.  The school was for children 1st - 8th grade
 Some canes hung on the wall.
 Several woman in the family played field hockey at ASU.
 These signs are always interesting.
 A smaller room was mainly empty but had a beautiful lamp hanging from the ceiling.  This was an oil lamp.
 And a few trophy heads, complete with staring eyes and cobwebs.
 Tools hung on the outside wall.

 Outside was a brick oven.  Fire in the bottom and a door for the baked goods.
 This is the house from the rear.

These are always interesting places to step back in time and see some old tools and supplies.

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