Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dalian, China - Renmin Square - Kites and Bubbles

We visited a famous square that is now popular for kite flying and bubbles.  Many traveling kite vendors had a wide variety and price range of kites.

Our tour guide described the park.  Behind her you can see a fountain area that has "dancing fountains" at certain times during the day.
 There were a lot of nice grassy areas and walkways where you could meet your friends.
 Kites were flying in a nice even breeze.
 This little girl was more interested in her new bubble maker.

 This is a better view of the potentially lively fountain.
 She was very cute.
 The action really got moving when the bubbles started to fly.
 Another young girl was sitting in the park under an umbrella with her grandmother.

 Kite vendors were all about.
 This man had a different product...roses for the ladies.
 More vendors. I like the baseball cap and scarf look.
 This man has either figured out that the area is crowded, or is moving in to his ideal spot.

I resisted the urge to buy a kite because of the size. The ones I wanted would NOT fit in to my suitcase.

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