Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dalian, China - Spires and Olympic Circles

We left the community center and continued on our way to the next stop.  I spotted a tall spire on a unique building.  Still searching to figure out what this building is for, called, etc.

A nice park.
And another view of the spire.
We then saw an entranceway. At first I thought it was to a subway, but it looks like it is the entrance to some sort of shopping area.
A flower market?  Not really sure so more work is needed on this one.
A window washer or a peeping Tom?
This large area was filled with organized (see the colored shirts) soccer.
And I spotted Olympic Rings in the back ground.

And then a building with the words "Olympic Electronic City" on the side.  More clues.  Any ideas?  (6/23/2013:  I found more information.  See the section at the bottom of this post.  Makes me wish that I was on foot!)
Weekend life doesn't seem much different than I see it in Phoenix.

6/23/2013 I found this description of the department store on this website:

Entering Olympic Square Electronics can be a little difficult, because there aren't any signs pointing towards the entrances and there are no markings. Also, the entire complex is underground, so there isn’t a building to look out for.
The side entrance is the easiest to find. When you get to Olympic Park you will immediately see five Olympic rings in the center of the park. Walk to these rings and then go past them. Keep walking until you hit the soccer field (the end of the concrete) and then you’ll see a group of brown concrete stairs heading underground.
The main entrance is a little more difficult. When you arrive at Olympic Square you’ll notice two large colourful glass domes at opposite ends of the plaza. These are the two entrances to Wal-Mart (Wal-Mart is also underground). Walk to the glass dome to the left. (The one that doesn’t have a MacDonalds sign behind it.) Then walk about 50 feet past the Wal-Mart entrance and you’ll see a large set of doors leading to the underground plaza.

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