Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hurricane, Alaska - Hitchhikers on the Train

The Seattle Times reported that there is a little train in Alaska that stops for hitchhikers.

The Hurricane Turn runs 55 miles north from Talkeetna, the pioneer town in the shadow of Mount McKinley, to Hurricane Gulch, the turnaround point. It is a roadless area of thick forests and rolling rivers, where Alaskans have cabins tucked into bush country.
Locals depend on the train to reach their remote cabins. Hikers and anglers board the Hurricane Turn for day trips on their own. A few others just go along for the scenery.
"We'll stop anywhere for passengers to get off or on," says Jethro Greenbaum, the engineer. "They flag me down by standing beside the tracks and waving their arms. I see a lot of white T-shirts being waved."

Don't blink. That was it.  I think that it is fortunate that those living in the area can get a ride.

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