Saturday, May 18, 2013

Girdwood, Alaska - Wildlife Conservation Center

The tour bus that took us from the ship docked in Whittier to Anchorage stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.  Even though the last spring snow had made the roads difficult, the animals were out and we were able to see a variety.

The entrance to the center and a look at the grounds.

 The list of animals that are in residence.
 The guard shack.
 A list of the prices to enter the park.

 My first view of an Alaskan Moose!
 A herd of caribou.
 These look like ancient bison.  Or yak?  No, musk oxen.

 A bear.  Turns out that this is the only one that I was able to see in Alaska.
 There are wide open spaces, creeks and natural settings for the animals.

 Another view of the herd.

 There was an eagle with one wing that was under the care of the Center.  I took this photo and took it in to the store to show Mom.  As we talked, I realized that I needed to make some changes to my settings.  I had learned how to photograph animals that were in fences to make the fence lines "disappear".
 This photograph is through the same fencing, but you can't see it.  (Shout out and thank you to the Arizona Highways photography class leaders!!)
 The Welcome Center and Gift Shop (and bathrooms) were in a nice looking cabin building.
 The icicles caught my eye.
 This is the administrative offices.
 There was a place where baby animals were raised.
Take a look at the website for more information.
Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Mile 79 Seward Highway
PO Box 949
Girdwood, AK 99587
Phone: 907-783-2025

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