Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Osaka, Japan - Suburban Views

We left the high rises of Osaka and moved in to the suburban area.  The low single and double story homes took the place of apartments and office buildings.

The highway continued to be elevated and provided a view of the miles and miles of homes.
 Volvo!  It is pretty exciting to see a sign that you can read.
 Every so often the tall guard screening, momentarily blocking the view.
 I was able to peak under the railings as the farmland came in to view.
 This amazed me.  There was a tall building right in the middle of a working field.
 The flooded fields looked like rice fields.
 We exited the freeway briefly to take advantage of a midway rest stop with Western toilets (truly a blessing!)  And there stood the golden arches of McDonald's.
 Well, as long as you have a logo that is easily recognizable, the text doesn't really matter.
 Our coach drivers took a moment to chat, but they kept track of the time to make sure that we stayed on schedule.
We had about 10-15 minutes to use the facilities, and then back on the coach to continue our journey to Kyoto.

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