Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dalian, China - Looking for Work

The workers lined the blue wall around a construction site, showing that they have the tools to do the work.  The guide explained that this is a regular practice.  I see this in Phoenix also, but the workers do not bring their tools with them.

 This is a neighborhood section with smaller buildings than the huge high rise apartments that are being built.  Shops on the bottom and residences on the upper floors.

 A market on the left and a clothing store on the right.

 This looks like a restaurant to me but I will ask my friend Fei what it says.  I think that it is a restaurant because of the writing. The only buildings that I see in Phoenix with Asian writing are restaurants, so I am not really experienced with any other variety.
 I liked the variety of steps shown here.
 Some workers are delivering items to a local business.  It looks like a setup for an event.  What do you think?
 This was the destination of whatever the workers in the truck were delivering.
 These two men were the supervisors, I guess.  They watched the entire process.

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