Saturday, May 18, 2013

Anchorage, Alaska - Street Scenes

Anchorage has a homey and small town feeling.  The houses are in town, next to the restaurants and other buildings.

 The outskirts were dotted with industrial parks.
 The airport has a large section for the smaller planes.
 The Alaska Train was poised and ready to head north.
 There were snow covered lakes with fishing cabins and airplanes parked nearby.
 The houses were small and modest as we neared town.

 This is one of the local well known restaurants.

 Businesses and restaurants take the lower levels and office buildings on the upper floors.
 This is a weekend flea market.

 This little gift shop and coffee shop looks interesting. I will try to get back here later.
 We entered the William A. Egan Civic and Convention Center. This was the meeting place for the Princess passengers who were going back to the airport or on to other adventures.  Our luggage from the ship was stored here.

There was a lot of public art in the building.  These are string sculptures named "Beading Sky Curtain". It is a suspended curtain of 5 million hand strung beads.

We dropped off the additional piece of luggage and then left to find a good place to enjoy lunch.

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