Monday, May 6, 2013

Jinheon-dong, South Korea - Bulguksa Temple - Daeungjeon Main Hall

The eaves are incredible and fascinated me, as you can tell from all of the photos.  I began to feel motivated to make my eaves a little fancier at home!

This covered walkway surrounds the courtyard. Note that the threshold is raised.

The grates for the surface drainage.
The Daeungjeon (Main Hall).  This is the "Hall of Great Enlightenment". This hall enshrines the Sakyamuni Buddha and was first built in 681.  Keep in mind that these buildings have been destroyed and rebuilt many times.  No Buddha photos were allowed so I took as many of the building details as I could.

The Museolijeon (Hall of No Words) stands behind the main hall.

There was another stair case to take to the upper level.
Luckily the guide knew a side way that was uphill and then a few less steps.
Beautiful flowers along the way.

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