Friday, May 10, 2013

Tokyo, Japan - Bus to Ship in Yokohama

Tour Guide Sue started our return trip to the ship with a snack in an origami folded box.  I received several origami cranes in Tokyo as a “gift with purchase” Thank-you-for-buying-your-souvenirs-here and need to look up instructions on how to do this myself.  My new trip friend Laura put hers on the tray so that we could show the variation. 

The first building that I saw as we started our way back to Yokohama was a six story warehouse.  We have large acres and acres of warehouses in Phoenix, but I was taken with the sight of large trucks picking up cargo on multiple levels. Wow.  You can also see the ramp that takes the trucks from floor to floor.

Individual houses are nestled in between the apartment buildings. I like the variations in the roof color.  You can also see the laundry hanging in the apartments.  A little boat maintenance was taking place.

We also saw some interesting variations in the architecture. Modern buildings were mixed with older styles.  The red brick building looked European with a mixture of Asian style.

I was able to capture a traffic light in action.  Different than what I’ve seen, but close enough to know what to do.

The entrance title “Live, Love, Laugh” is intriguing. I will need to find out the story behind this when I get back home.

I put the camera away for the rest of the trip home and chatted with Laura about travel and all that we had seen in Asia. 

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