Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pacific Crossing - Eight Days at Sea does one handle crossing the International Date line?  You celebrate having two Monday, May 13ths!  We had a huge debate on Sunday May 12 about the number of nights left for the crossing.  You count...
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday morning arrival in Whittier.

Do you think six nights?  Sunday May 12 and arriving Saturday May 18.  Six nights. Or is it really seven nights?

Or would you agree with me?
Sunday Monday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday.

Seven nights???  Yes,  I WAS CORRECT!!  But I did not get the accolades that I expected (from my traveling companions) for my brainiac answer.  Pout!!

Oh, and do we get tattoos for crossing the International Date Line? One if by air and two if by sea.  Hahahaha .  Get it?


Ginan said...

hmmm...what was the decision on the tattoos?

Ladee said...

We were given a certificate so the tattoo idea was shelved. (relief!)