Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dalian, China - Donkey Cart and Street Views

We left the market place and walked a block or two to board our bus.  This photo has three things for you to see.  First, the tall man is our tour helper. He is a great one to have as the helper because he is so tall and so easy to see.  He made life in the market very easy.  Second, see the bicycle sign that says bikes are to go to the right.  So is the donkey cart considered a high speed vehicle?  Or is the bike to go the right side with the cars?  And third, the donkey cart itself is worth stopping and taking a look.

The animal was clean and well behaved, calmly waiting for the owner.
 This photo shows a tourist reaching out to, I don't know, pet the donkey? Offer it her hand? The donkey didn't respond.
 The license plates on the cars were mainly in a numbering and lettering system that I could read, plus a Chinese symbol on the left.
 Here is another view of the building with the tall spire. I have not yet figured out what it is.
 Another part of Renmen Park that we visited. This is the part that is across the street.  The kites are still popular.
 I need to ask Fei what this says.
 The park.
 Interesting architecture.
 This park was well groomed, trimmed to perfection. And the sidewalk had designs.

More to see...

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