Friday, May 10, 2013

Tokyo, Japan - Sensoji Temple Interior (Part 2)

The door handles were polished and golden, the ceiling was painted with scenes.  Beautiful lanterns hung inside.  The “altar” was encased in glass.  I watched the crowd to get the jist of the customs then tossed a coin in to a grated box and said “Love and Peace” wishes for all family and friends.  Again, we are covered.

I turned around to leave the prayer area and saw a delightful scene through the front door.  Another gate could be seen, and there was slight smoke raising from a large pot in the center.  I looked at the map and decided that this MUST be the spot marked “Holly Smoke”.  I think that she meant to write “Holy Smoke” so I am going with that idea.  I also saw a pagoda to the right.

[to be continued...]

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Ginan said...

what a great experience!