Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dalian, China - Sail-Away

Our group exited the bus, thanked the driver and tour guide (tips are always welcome), and walked back to the ship through the terminal.  I turned to take one more photograph of the amazing architecture.  This looks like a convention center.  I thought that this was a pretty cool photo, but CLICK HERE to see more google photos up close and personal.

There is our ship.  Time to take my treasures back to the room and meet up with the group.
Workers were painting the sides of the ship.  Repairs need to be done when they can be done.
A little haziness makes the docks look very cool.
I used different techniques with the post-processing of the images just to see what I liked best. What is your opinion?

Growth is the  name of the game. The harbor is filled with docks and the city skyline is filled with cranes.

Me taking pictures of them taking pictures.
The boat crew that we saw when we arrived is still hard at work.

I liked how the evening sun lit the tower.
The ever present tugboat.

Sepia tone sky lines, cranes and all.
Bye, China.  It has been a wonderful ten days. Thank you for the great variety, the old and the new, the small and the tall, and most of all the friendliness of your people.
Until we meet again.

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