Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dalian, China - Fruits and Vegetables and Cakes and Cookies

Note: This is an updated post because I had a reader question on the pineapple.  My comments and an additional photo are added.
There were a lot of baked goods, cookies, cakes but I noticed that there was not a lot of chocolate.

 Nice looking pineapple.
I have a special request from a reader to give a closer enlarged view of the pineapple.  We chatted about how this is done.  I found a YouTube video that gives the directions.  Click here to see the video.   The video will open in another window so you can come back here to see these pineapples.  Personally, I think that there is some sort of square device because the slices look like they are flat.  The video shows a chef making a V cut, which is nice.  Wonder if it is a secret Asian tool?  Anyone know?

 Look, they made an Arizona Cardinal cake!  Or is it an "angry bird"?

 I recognized a lot of these items.
 Several types of beans.

 No idea what these things are.
 What in the world is this? How do you cook it? What do you make?

 My biggest thrill...I recognized this as Dragon Fruit.  I momentarily felt very local.  This photo is destined to be enlarged and proudly displayed in my kitchen.
 Facial stuff.  I am making my way back to the meeting place. Cross your fingers that I don't get lost in here. (I was following our 6' student tour guide.  He made my life easy.)
 There it is, the barber shop sign.
 More downstairs? Perhaps another time.
 Nice to have flowers out here where it doesn't smell like a fish market.
That is the end of the Market tour.  I hope that you enjoyed it because I certainly enjoyed being in the market and photographing it all.  More fun to we go to a home and chat with the residents.

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