Monday, May 6, 2013

Busan, South Korea - Harbor Area

Our shiny tour coaches (NEVER call them buses) were waiting for us as we walked off the ship and followed our guide.

 I found my coach.  Tour number 100, group A1.  I have started taking photographs of my group number as this all starts to get confusing after a few days.
 I've never seen the interior look so pretty.
 The drivers were patiently waiting for the day to begin.
 Here is another look at the convention center as we exit the dock.
 Welcome to Busan!!  We are finally here.
 It is a busy Monday morning and people are heading out for work.
 I had to take a second look.  These running horses are statues.  Good job!
 Examples of the buildings around the dock area.

 New freeway?
 This is a Happy sign about being happy.
 This will be a huge freeway.


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