Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dalian, China - City Tour

We had a full day in Dalian.  The original agenda included a stop at the kindergarten for a school performance, but because we were in town on a weekend, the stop was switched to a local retirement community center. I was pleasantly surprised with the show that the center presented for us. Everyone was happy to take photos.  We also stopped at a large public gathering  plaza.  The big activity here was kite flying.  We then went to a huge Farmer’s Market and as a grand finale visited the home of a local.  She graciously provided tea and snacks, and answered questions about her life (through an interpreter).   I enjoyed the day and have a lot of photos to show of the street scenes and more details of the stops.

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Ginan said...

I'll be interested to hear about her life. Glad you're getting to interact with local people.