Sunday, May 19, 2013

Scenic Viewpoint, Alaska - Denali

The train slowed down to a crawl so that we could see the mountains.  Click, click, click...cameras were taking a lot of photos.  Here are some of the ones that I was able to take.  Keep in mind that these are taken through the window.

224.3 SCENIC VIEWPOINT • Mount McKinley, 20,320 feet; Mount Hunter, 14,960 feet; Mount Foraker, 17,000 feet; Mount Russell, 11,600 feet; and Mount Dall, 9,000 feet, all are visible from this panoramic vantage point. This is the confluence of three major rivers, the Talkeetna, Chulitna and Susitna. []
 The three peaks, left to right, are  Mount Foraker, 17,000 feet Mount Hunter, 14,960 feet;  Denali (Mount McKinley), 20,320 feet.  Denali is the mountain with the clouds floating around.
 I was working hard to change from a wide angle lens to a telephoto lens! What fun!

 I am very excited to get closer. If we are lucky, the top of the mountain won't be hidden by clouds.  I am glad that the weather warmed over the last two days.  This is what reported during the snowstorm:
Heavy snow was falling Friday evening in Denali park, with visibility reduced to about one half mile and snow accumulation of 3 to 8 inches expected overnight, according to the weather service. The heaviest snowfall was expected east of Toklat. An additional 1 to 3 inches was expected in the Denali area this morning.
In Denali National Park, water lines are frozen, so there was no water or operational toilets Friday at the Denali Visitor Center or the Wilderness Access Center. Tour buses depart from the wilderness center.
Portable toilets were stationed at each site. 
At this point, I hope that the roads in to the park are clear enough for the tour bus to get in to the center of the park.  After all of the excitement, Greg the bartender can through the car and I ordered a Moose Kiss.
You can google "Moose Kiss" for a recipe.  Hot Chocolate or Coffee ... plus plus plus!!

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