Monday, May 6, 2013

Jinheon-dong, South Korea - Bulguksa Temple - Vairocana

We climbed a level and then there were more steps to the Birojeon (Hall of Vairocana)

Looking back on the main courtyard.
 The hall roof and eaves were incredible.
 I stepped around the corner and took a detailed photo.  I've enlarged them further so that you can see all of the detail work.  Actually, this made it easier for me to see the detail work.  The coloring was not as vivid as shown, but I found that it is easier to see the painting details when the color is vivid.

 This is the overall view of the detail photos.
 This is the sign at the front of the building.

A detail of the painting.
 A detail of the writing.

 Looking in the hall at one of the Buddha.

 Shown below is National Treasure No. 26, the seated gilt-bronze Vairocana Buddha statue.  It is a Buddha of Enlightenment and is enshrined in the Birojeon.  From wikipedia:
The head of the Buddha has an usnisa, a symbol of supreme wisdom. The head of the Buddha was made by fusing two shells to each other and the face is elongated and soft. The robes of the Buddha are highly detailed and the simulation of folded cloth rippling down from the shoulder to the lap is done with high skill. The hands of the Buddha are in a position, the right index finger covered by the left hand, which often is used to symbolize the Buddha of Enlightenment. The figure is estimated to be from the 9th century due to stylistic evidence, including the overly wide lap and the lack of tension in the depiction of the robes and face of the Buddha.

Still more to see!

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