Friday, May 10, 2013

Tokyo, Japan – Sensoji Temple Holy Smoke

I was drawn to this large pot with smoke slowly rising. I watched the people (through my lens so that you could watch too) and they would lean in to the smoke and “splash” it back on themselves.  I waited for the crowd to disburse, and peeked in to the cauldron to see the smoking incense.  I took a few quick smoke splashes for good measure, and left happy and washed in “Holy Smoke”.

 This shows the perfect paint job on the Temple. I will move these to another post later.  I just wanted to show you the fine workmanship.

 Now back to the Holy Smoke topic!


Ginan said...

Very interesting to see how this is a part of so many people's daily lives.

Ladee said...

Appears to be very much a part. People walk up and splash it on.