Monday, May 6, 2013

Jinheon-dong, Daegu, South Korea - Town Drive

Dalseo District (Dalseo-gu) is a district in western Daegu, South Korea. It borders Dalseong-gun on the north, south, and west, and Seo-gu and Nam-gu on the east. It has a population of about 610,000, and an area of 62.27 square kilometers. The population rose dramatically in the 1990s, and has been approximately level since 2000.

We are traveling in a subdivision of the Dalseo District called Jincheon-dong.

This statue is a rider on horseback.  I have another photo of it from the other side that we will see as we exit.

Another toll gate.

 This one has people collecting the toll.
 The roof lines are beginning to look more traditional.

 This is an entrance marker on one side of a bridge.
 And a matching one on the other side.
 The drive is well manicured.

 Rice fields line the street.

 This looks like a canal.
 Lanterns line the street.
 Oh good, a directional sign.

Now which way do we turn?  I am glad that someone else is driving.

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