Monday, May 6, 2013

Jinheon-dong, South Korea - Bulguksa Temple Sarira Pagoda and Lucky Stones

The Sarira pagoda looks like a stone lantern.  This was taken by Japan in 1906 but was returned in 1933.  It is from the Goryeo Dynasty, but shows the influene of the Silla Dynasty art.

This is National Treasure No. 61.
 A sarira is a container for the relics or remains of famous priests or royalty.  This was is said to contain the remains of eight priests or a queen.  No comment on THIS equation!!  The three main features ar the foundation stone, the main body and the ornamental top.  The foundation is an octagonal stone decorated with carvings. Then a circular stone with lotus motifs.  The main part has four bas-reliefs of Buddha and bodhisattvas with flower motifs.  The top has twelve sides which meet into a hexagonal shape.  (All this is per wikipedia.)
Stones are stacked for good luck under the tree and along the wall.  A lot of photos of the stone stacking activity because I just couldn't stop taking them!  I was imagining an enlarged photo for my guest bathroom.  They range from a lot to a solitary group.  

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