Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Osaka, Japan - Osaka City Scenes

The boat docked at Osaka and I pulled my shore excursion for my tour to Kyoto.  The "steps and uphill walking at temples" lets me know that today will likely be a tough day physically.  I've researched the sites and anticipate all that I am going to do today.

This is my first view of the Japan mainland, so I am anxious to see how the infrastructure is arranged.  From a distance, signs and road marks look similar.
 Whoa!  Luckily the signs have English translations and numbers that I can read.
 But the writing on the road had me at a loss.  Is this "Exit here"?  Up? Down?  This will be very interesting. At least I know that we are going in the correct direction, according to the arrows painted on the road.
 We continue on the freeway, high above the city streets.  This is great because it provides a fantastic vantage point to see the city life.
 Highrise apartments.

 Office buildings, or maybe luxury  apartments.
 You can see the tiered highway system.
 I like the raised freeway. This gives us a view of the city streets.  It is early Wednesday morning.

 This is the major palace in Osaka.  My tour wasn't going to stop here, but the tour guide pointed out that we could see it . I was lucky to catch it before we were shut off by the side guard fencing.
We then moved to a suburban area.  Next post!!

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