Friday, May 10, 2013

Tokyo, Japan - Moiji Shrine and Temple (Part 2)

Many school groups were visiting and were happy to pose for photographers.  They all wore uniforms but expressed their individuality with backpacks, shoes, and other personal items.

The entrance to the main Temple area was designated by another torii.

We followed Tour Guide Sue to the left where a crowd was gathered under the wooden covering.

She explained the second phase of the cleansing process and offered to demonstrate.  Dip the ladle in to the water and pour the water over one hand and then the other.  Pour some water in to your left hand and use it to rinse your mouth. Spit in the trough below.  Then dip again and hold the ladle upright to allow the water to rinse the handle. Cleansing complete and off to the main Shrine!

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Ginan said...

Interesting process to share with fellow visitors...